ARTE is a French, German and European cultural channel in a class of its own on Europe’s
audiovisual landscape. It conveys its distinctive slant as assertively on air as it does online, and
is aiming for two goals: harness technology so everyone can enjoy
ARTE on any screen any
, and stay at the cutting edge of digital creation to reach
new audiences
and open up a
forum for
ARTE has built solid expertise in programme production and decided to organise its core
content into eight simple and straightforward categories leading into its full choice of
News, Cinema, Series & Fiction, Culture & Pop, ARTE Concert, Science,
Discovery and History
. These eight categories provide an instant glimpse into ARTE’s full
range of related content. Viewers no longer need to choose between ARTE+7 and digital
content: they are only a few clicks away from the content they are looking for wherever they are.
We have redesigned this choice on every screen for two reasons: to add a little extra to ARTE’s
distinctive edge and to spread its reach by bringing its creative flair to every device.
As we want to be on all the devices our audiences use, this choice is available on desktops,
laptops and on the road, i.e. on a mobile site, range of apps and connected TV sets. In each
case, choice is tailored to provide viewers, browsers and mobile users with an optimal
experience and a personal touch.
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