This is a time slot for documentaries that give a dynamic view of scientific subjects. They are
designed to arouse curiosity and are in tune with the daily reality of viewers, allowing them to
offer the kind of scientific awareness which we need to understand the world around us today.
The films are aimed at a broad public with a general interest, rather than at a niche of experts.
The documentaries will be firmly in touch with current developments, showing scientists at work
both in the laboratory and in the field. They will explain the most recent discoveries and
research projects, placing them in context with reference to their social and ethical implications,
as well as to possible negative and positive consequences. They will range across every aspect
of humankind, our universe, the progress achieved thanks to newly acquired knowledge and
major technological innovations. The slot may also be suitable for science-based investigations
into current problems affecting the general public (health and safety issues, etc.). The subject
matter may come from every field of science. On the other hand, it will be important to avoid
tackling difficult areas of science in a purely theoretical fashion. The humanities also represent
an unsuitable subject area.
The narration will be mainly neutral in tone, though it may occasionally be tinged with humour;
the style should never be over-dramatic or enticing. The visual style must be clear and
attractive, using graphics, archive material and excerpts from films to assist in clarifying more
complex content.
Storylines will be followed in relation to a clearly stated and identifiable theme. Guests and
interviewees will be acknowledged experts, vouching for the scientific credibility of the content.
At the same time, they must be capable communicators, able to explain complex items in a
comprehensible way.
The directing style is ambitious, in keeping with the demands of international standards in the
field. Given that the chief priority is to inform, not just to achieve an effect, re-enactment
sequences will only be used where strictly necessary. Auteur movies and reportage are not
suitable for this time slot.
52 minutes
Second half of the evening, on Saturdays
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